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Follow the Science!

"Follow the Science" is not a phrase I'd come across but then I'm not a medical professional. As well as influencing decision making in this Covid world, so too is it an appropriate tool for influencing how you might handle phone calls to your business.

Here's the Science from an AT&T study..

70% of callers are placed on hold for 45 seconds or longer

60% of those will hang up if they hear silence or awful hold music

30% of those that hang up won't call back

and here's the big one....

94% of advertising budgets are spent on inducing calls, only 6% is spent on handling the call once it comes in.

Often, a phone call is the first interaction with a potential new customer and an ongoing interaction with existing customers. Indeed its often the ONLY interaction.

It can shape impressions and influence decisions.

Silvertung are Irelands premier provider of professionally produced call handling solutions including, Interactive Press Menus, On Hold Music and Messages, Out of Hours Messages, and even mobile voicemails. We work with every type of business you can imagine and partner with the countries top Telecom providers.


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