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Recorded phone lines helping vision impaired voters!

As the Dublin Bay South By Election get under way on July 8th, have you ever wondered what its like for a vision impaired person casting their vote?

Silvertung are delighted to be involved in producing the audio for a dedicated freephone line which lists the candidates in both English and Irish in the order they appear on the ballot paper. The phone line is available in advance of and on the day of each election, enabling the voter to take their time considering the order in which they wish to vote.

They can ring the freephone number as many times as they wish.

On Election day the voter can ask the Presiding Officer at their polling station to attach a ballot paper template to the ballot paper. Raised numbering and braille on the template guides you to the relevant openings that correspond to the candidates on the ballot paper. Details can be found at Ballot Paper Template - 2021 (


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