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Silvertung reaches 21 years old!

Well its a Happy Birthday to us! 21 years old today. In human terms at 21 you pretty much have reached legal adulthood, you no longer have the excuse of being "young" or "childish" or "immature" although that can be argued!

In business 21 is a milestone of very different proportions, a bit like dogs and cats, each human year is equivalent to at least 3 business years if not more and if you're still here at this grand old age, I think its safe to say your business has been a success.

That of course brings up the definition of "success"!

Some may measure it in financial terms, some in how many people you employ, some in how big your office is, to me none of this is the measure I use.

Am I happy?

Am I fulfilled?

Am I able to live a comfortable life fuelled by my business?

Do I have a good work/life balance?

Do I sleep well?

These are the hallmarks of what I consider my success, and most of them have taken many years to come about. There is no failure only lessons to be learned and new ways to move forward.

When Barnes and I started a fledgling business in 2001 we had many challenges, the greatest of which was probably that On Hold Messaging was a new concept certainly to most Irish businesses, they had nothing to compare it to, no real evidence of its benefits apart from data from the US. Getting ourselves in front of prospective clients was the key, personal contact and making vital connections with Telecom providers, most of whom we still work with today.

My advice to new businesses?

Never lose sight of your customer and their needs.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you're always right,

and never be too complacent or stubborn to learn new things and adapt to new circumstances.

Happy Birthday Silvertung!


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