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  • Mike Kelly

The real issue that's dividing America!!!

You'd be forgiven for thinking that right now the only issue in America is what President Trump is likely to do next to embarrass the entire country. But you'd be wrong....

Its seems pharmacy chain CVS had divided the US over its Hold Music and even made The Wall Street Journal!, yes you heard me right!

The composition is a keyboard song that flows through gentle valleys and builds to dramatic peaks, and has been played by thousands of CVS stores for almost two decades, “Personally, I’m a fan,” said Cristina Stacy, marketing director at Houston-based On Hold Marketing Works, a company that provides such music. “It’s beautiful in its simplicity; it’s sort of the quintessential ‘on-hold’ tune.”

She said CVS sticking with the same song for some two decades is “either lazy or genius. The song does seem to have a cult like following and has taken on a mystical quality.”

Read the full article and listen for yourself here

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