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Together we can make amazing things happen...

As we enter into our 18th year in business, I've been thinking about how often I get asked "what advice would you give to someone starting out?"

There's the usual, "don't expect instant success, nothing worthwhile comes quickly" one of my favourites is "half your projected income and double your projected expenses" but the one piece of advice I give to everyone not just start ups is "make connections and treat them well". As a small business we can't afford to have dozens of sales reps out on the road, so over the years we've developed strong partner relationships with many Telecom companies around Ireland, who refer our services to their clients, secure in the knowledge that we will deliver a quality service at an affordable cost.

Its the ultimate compliment for someone to recommend us to one of their own customers and we value these partnerships and work to cultivate and develop them. On behalf of all the team I'd personally like to thank each and every one of them, for "together we can make amazing things happen"

Mike Kelly

Managing Director


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